FREE Property Development Training: How to Value any Development Site

Join me on this FREE property development training delivered in an online webinar. The training lasts just over an hour and we tackle all the fundamental issues and concepts around valuing a development site. 

PLUS… there are plenty of giveaways, and some exclusive bonus content at the end..!

We start the property development training with the basics, some theory and introduce the concept of a development appraisal. We then do a complete walk through of a development appraisal within excel so we take the theory and put it into practice.

To finish…

I introduce some critical advanced concepts which will take you from beginner/intermediate developer to an experienced and professional property developer.

Take charge of your property development appraisals…

Who is this Property Development Training for..?

In simple terms, this is for anyone involved or wanting to be involved in property development…

  • For you aspiring developers, this is the perfect way to start learning development appraisals and how we value the sites we are looking at.
  • For you experienced developers this is a fantastic way to ensure you are correctly valuing your development sites and the advanced concepts will be of huge value.

Everyone will benefit from this property development training…

How will this help me..?

This property development training will help you in so many ways.

First of all we go through the basics and set the foundations for how we value a development site and what the concept of a development appraisal is. Many of you will already know a lot of this, but I bet there are some sections which you do not know, and it’s never a bad thing to go over the basics again.

The walk-through of a development appraisal in excel shows you exactly how we complete an appraisal, and this is straight from the top UK developers I have worked for in the past.

This is industry standard techniques.

The property development training will finally introduce and discuss some fundamental advanced concepts. Many of these concepts are not mentioned or taught in other places or by other so called experts..!

Learn from me… someone with incredible track record in property development and if this wasn’t enough… there are some free giveaways and bonus content..!


If you have any questions at all… post them below in the comments, or send me an email.

All the best,

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