Property Development Finance

The Top Sources of Property Development Finance & Funding

There are many different types and sources of property development finance available and it’s certainly an area which we can get creative around. This is the beauty of property development, we have the ability to create a property development ‘finance package’ which is unique to the site we are looking … Read article…

Procurement Methods

The 3 Procurement Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages

Procurement in property development is a fairly straight forward concept, but one which needs a bit of thought and planning way ahead of placing a contract with a builder. The procurement method must be decided upon at an early stage of a project as this will help the entire development … Read article…

Being a Property Developer

5 Proven Tips for Being a Property Developer

Being a Property Developer is a fantastic job and career to be involved with. It tests and challenges a whole range of skills providing a hugely rewarding journey from start to finish. The reasons for being a property developer will be different for everyone. Some of us go the more traditional route of higher education followed by a corporate career, whereas others will do this part time to provide a second income or support a better lifestyle.