Property Development Course, Community and One-to-One Coaching

I have started to familiarise myself with the Property Like Pro Academy and have been absolutely blown away by the content and features. There are so many courses, mentorships and masterminds out there which cost an absolute fortune and yet do not provide anywhere near this level of detail or content. 

Thank you Mike for providing this Academy, its a breath of fresh air!

Matt Farebrother
Director, FarebrotherKeech

Introducing the Property Like a Pro Academy...

We are an exclusive online community of property developers who have access to first class property development courses, lessons, tools, one-to-one coaching and a private forum. Our members range from complete new beginners all the way through to seasoned pro’s.

The community was founded by Mike Johansson, who has an enviable track record in the property development industry and has created one of the best development resources online, Property Like a Pro.

Be part of this exciting community and register your interest today…

One-to-One Coaching

Completely unique 1-2-1 online coaching with Property Like a Pro founder, Mike Johansson. Delivered within a private area of the forums, coaching is available 24/7 when you need it. This is much more than just a property development course.

Tools & Resources

A library of industry standard tools, downloads and resources available exclusively to the Academy members. Think powerful templates, checklists and excel spreadsheets. All to benefit the members property career from day 1.

Academy Courses

An ever growing library of property development courses provided in video format focusing on the core areas of property development. Each course split into short 2-20 minute lessons to allow digestible content and powerful learning.

Passionate Community

Surround yourself with passionate, enthusiastic and motivational people in the exclusive community. Members have access to an active and private forum where there is no selling, no noise and pure property development discussion.

Developer's Roadmap

The innovative property development Roadmap breaks down the entire property development process into logical and sequential steps, from setting up your company, to exiting your development, based on the 8 steps of development.

'Quick Win' Lessons

Individual short ‘Quick Win’ lessons delivered in 10min to 25min video format. Created to allow for quick learning providing shorter lesson style videos where a multi-lesson property development course is not required.

How can you benefit from the Academy..?

  • You get private, one-on-one coaching with Mike Johansson, delivering customised solutions that suit your current situation when you need it
  • Get instant access to the Academy courses and lessons that cover a range of core property development topics delivered in bitesized video format
  • Progress through completely unique Property Developer’s Roadmap feature taking you step-by-step the entire development process
  • Access and download powerful industry standard tools aimed to help and assist a property developer’s business
  • Harness the collective support, accountability and knowledge of a community in a private forum, which will help you on your way to grow your business
  • Unrivalled Academy Team’s experience on hand to help, guide and support your property development career.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your property development career there is something here for you. Whether you are a complete beginner looking for a community to learn and grow from, or already on your journey needing some expert guidance, you’ll find it here.

For me personally, I already had education and a business partner with a plan but since joining the Property Like a Pro Academy I have gained so much more knowledge, skills and above all a network of dedicated likeminded people, who I now consider friends and colleagues.

We share ideas, swap progress on developments we are working on and grow as a community. Thanks for creating Property Like a Pro community Mike, so much value and well worth being a member.

Kris Watson
Director, Wharf Property Investments

Who are the Experienced Academy Team..?

Mike Johansson

Founder & Experienced Property Developer
Mike founded the Academy to provide an online platform for aspiring and experienced developers to connect, learn and to provide high quality property development training. The Academy is based on real experience and the methods used by the top developers in the UK, where Mike has worked and built his 15 year career. Mike now runs his own property development business with a worldwide portfolio of over £500m in GDV. See the FAQ section for more detail about Mike's experience.

Piragash Sivanesan

Totum Finance & Academy Expert
After a career in Corporate Banking, Piragash set up Totum Finance in order to support SME businesses and property developers improve their access to finance. Piragash has worked at KPMG , Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland, across credit, front office, restructuring and turnaround divisions, in a career spanning over 14 years. Piragash joins the Academy team as our Development Funding expert and provides support, guidance and advice for our members inside the private forums.

Academy Team's First Class Combined Experience:

Our members are taking action and getting results

What makes the Academy different from other property training..?

  • The Academy is exclusively online meaning we are open 365 days of the year. Together we can solve your problems, tackle your issues an push your business forward when you need to, in your own time. No waiting for the next mastermind meeting or scheduled skype call
  • The Academy provides first class training in the form of courses, lessons and the unique Roadmap feature. But… this is backed up by our community which is the single most powerful way of learning and progressing. We are always available to provide guidance and advice to support your learning.
  • The Academy is results driven and we only want to work with other like-minded developers who want to achieve. Being a member ensures you have the accountability you need and a community pushing you to take action. If you are not motivated by learning and pushing yourself, and in the knowledge that this takes time and patience, then the Academy is not for you.
  • The experience of the Academy team is unrivalled to any other property training on the market. Almost 30 years of combined experience working at the very top of the industry.
  • Finally… where else can you get one-to-one coaching with someone like Mike, who is inside the Academy 7 days a week helping members

How do I Join..?

The Property Like a Pro Academy is currently closed for new members

We will be opening the membership for new members shortly, so please add you email address to the waiting list below and we will be in touch.

If you have any questions or want to email a member of the team, please use the contact form below in the FAQ section

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. I’m completely new to property development, is the Academy for me..?​

Yes.. Absolutely.

If you are thinking about getting into property development then you’ve already taken the first positive step by finding the Academy. Next you need somewhere to learn the core fundamentals of property development and get answers for all of your questions. You need support, community, coaching and most of all… accountability!

The Academy is that place… you will love it in here… Mike is personally coaching developers with a wide range of previous experience, some who are just starting out.

Q. Why is there a waiting list for the Academy..?

The core focus within the Academy will always be on delivering high value to the current members. With this in mind, we have introduced a waiting list to control the number of new members joining.

This allows Mike and the community to be ready for new members to join, which in turn provides the best possible joining experience for you, the new member, and the community.

Membership will open again shortly, so make sure you have signed up to the waiting list above and you will be first on the list when the doors open.

Q. How does the 1-2-1 Coaching work..?

The One-to-One Coaching is truly a game changer for property development training and is completely unique to the Property Like a Pro Academy. As a member, you have direct access to Mike Johansson, proven property developer, seven days a week throughout the entire time you are a member. 

Where else can you have direct access to someone like Mike, with all his experience, whenever you need it..? 

Members have a dedicated and exclusive section of the Academy forum where you and Mike can discuss your property development career in complete privacy. The coaching is delivered in text/message based format within a forum setting meaning that the discussions are well structured, logical and documented for future reference.

By providing this feature in the forums, members can get the help they need when they need it… they know that they have someone with incredible experience on hand as part of their wider support network… and… the costs can be kept to a seriously low level as there are no expensive in-person workshops, office rents, room hire or travel costs involved. 

So how can you use the One-to-One Coaching..? 

Its there for you to use for whatever you need..! Its as simple as that… when you need help, Mike is there to offer the advice and support needed. 

Here are a few examples of how Mike is currently working with members on a one-to-one basis:

  • Help with setting up your company
  • Comments, feedback and suggestions on business plans
  • Putting in place strategies for finding off-market sites
  • Help drafting powerful offer letters for site acquisitions
  • Discussing funding options and how to find investors
  • Detailed comments and feedback on development appraisals
  • Second pair of eyes on the due diligence process for a site purchase
  • Exploring strategies and tactics for securing the best planning permission for a site
  • Sensitivity analysis for your exit options
  • Brainstorming design ideas for a site

The list can go on and on… but you can see that the input Mike has can be critical to the specific stage of a development project or the development career which you are at.

The One-to-One coaching is an amazing feature and its a place for you to be pro-active, take action and push you career forward with the help of someone seriously experienced helping you on your way, and making sure that key risks are managed correctly.

Q. What courses are in the Academy, and will you be releasing new content..?

The library of courses and lessons inside the Academy are continually growing and fresh content is regularly released into the Academy. During your membership, there will always be new content for you to learn at your own pace.

All the courses and lessons are delivered in short video format, lasting between 2mins and 25mins in length, designed to maximise learning by breaking down complicated topics into manageable bitesized lessons.

Below is a selection of courses & lesson currently inside the Academy:

  • The Property Development Process – The 8 key steps
  • Property Development Business Plan
  • Property Development Business Plan – Sample walk-through
  • Health & Safety
  • Site Finding – Traditional Methods
  • Site Finding – Off-market
  • Development Floor Areas
  • Generating Development Quantum
  • How to Value any Development Site
  • Development Appraisals – The Theory
  • Development Appraisals – The Initial Appraisal
  • Development Appraisals – Detailed Cash Flow
  • Development Appraisals – The Challenge
  • Commercial Valuation
  • Site Purchase Structures
  • Attracting Investors – The Investment Report
  • Development Funding (Coming soon)

Members have the additional benefit of being able to request specific training, courses or lessons to be prepared meaning members can really tailor make their own experience inside the Academy.

All the courses and lessons are supported by downloads, tools and a specific discussion area within the forums where support from the Academy expert team is available.

Q. What tool, resources & downloads are included in the membership..?

The Academy is supported by a library of industry standard tools and resources which are available for all members to download and have lifetime use. These tools are those which are used by the top UK developers and the team at the Academy are continually adding more tools into the resources.

To add even more value to this section of the Academy, many of the tools and resources are directly linked to the courses and lessons, so there are detailed step-by-step walk-throughs of how to use the tools and how they fit into the development armoury. 

A selection of the tools and resources available for all members are:

  • Property Development Process PDF
  • Business Plan – Template
  • Business Plan – Sample ‘Real Life’ Plan
  • Pre-purchase Due Diligence Checklist
  • Sample Investment Report
  • Offer Letter Template
  • Off-market Letter Template
  • Development Appraisal – The Initial Appraisal (Excel)
  • Development Appraisal – Detailed Cash Flow (Excel)
  • Site Density Calculator
  • Site Option Risk Chart
  • HSE Health & Safety documents
  • RIBA plan of works
  • RICS documents and guidance notes

Members are using these tools and resources from Day 1 of their membership with huge success taking their property development armoury and knowledge to the next level almost instantly.

Q. Can you explain what the Property Developer's Roadmap is..?

The Roadmap is yet another completely unique feature which is exclusive to the Property Like a Pro Academy. It takes the complicated and difficult property development process and breaks it down into key sections providing a step-by-step walk-through of the entire process. 

Tackling the key areas, steps and requirements of a property developer in a concise, logical and clear method, the Roadmap is proving to be a seriously powerful tool for our members. 

The Roadmap is split into the following main sections:

  1. The Beginning (introduction and contents)
  2. Your Development Company
  3. Site Finding
  4. Development Appraisals
  5. Detailed Due Diligence
  6. The Deal
  7. Funding
  8. Design
  9. Planning & Permissions
  10. Construction
  11. The Exit

Each of the above main areas is split into modules. Each module will have text commentary and actions which members are required to take, such as completing a specific course, or referring to a certain resource. Once the member has completed the action list for the module they can move onto the next one. 

A real step-by-step walkthrough of the property development process which you can complete in your own time, at your own pace, but knowing you have the entire community supporting you when needed.

Q. I’m a property agent, is the Academy for me..?

The Academy is purely for property developers. We pride ourselves on creating a community for property developers to progress creating profitable development businesses, without having any noise and distractions from other sources.

We are not a market place for property agents to connect with developers, however, if you have any sites which you want to sell or advertise, please get in touch and Mike will selectively provide these opportunities to the community.

Q. I’m not sure if this is for me. The format and concept is different to other property training...

The PLP Academy is different… and by different, this means good. The format is completely online, so you have access to the Academy when you want to, and you can learn at your own pace. The community is always on hand and creating excellent discussions every single day. The one-to-one coaching is provided within a private section of the forums and the advice is clear, succinct and available to review over and over again.

We are so confident about the quality of the Academy and the value it brings that we have a 30-day money back guarantee in place. If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied with the Academy, you can have a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

The format and concept is new, refreshing and taking property training to the level it should be at, and most importantly, providing you with access to an industry expert when you need it.

Q. I would like to hear some more about Mike's experience and track record...​

Mike has founded the Academy to provide an online platform for aspiring and experienced developer to connect, learn and progress our businesses. The Academy is built on real experience and methods used by the top developers in the UK, where Mike has built his career.

Mike’s career highlights include:

  • Studied at the University of Reading on the leading real estate course in the UK
  • Worked at St George (part of the mighty Berkeley Group), the most profitable national house builder, as a Land Buyer and Land Manager.
  • Qualified as a Chartered Surveyor
  • Worked as a Development Manager on one of the largest regeneration sites in Europe, Greenwich Peninsula, where Mike delivered residential, office, hotel and leisure projects.
  • Has acquired well over £200m worth of sites, including office buildings, retail and pure residential development sites.
  • Setup his own company securing investment and backing from high net worth individuals and UK family offices.
  • Currently has a development portfolio of over £500m in GDV, with sites in London and abroad.
  • Setup Property Like a Pro and the Academy to help other property developers succeed in this fantastic Industry and share his wealth of experience

Mike has a huge range of experience and an incredible knowledge which members of the Academy are all benefitting from. Where else can you have direct access and one-to-one coaching with someone like Mike, a proven and experienced developer operating at the highest level?

Q. How can I contact Mike or the team to discuss Membership..?

The best way to get in contact is via email. Please submit your questions in the contact form below. Mike personally responds to all emails. Please note that the Academy is entirely an online platform, therefore, Mike and the team cannot offer any phone support. All communication before becoming is via email only.

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